Shortly after my last post I found out I had celiac disease, so it has been a year of figuring and refiguring what I can and can not eat.  I have found gluten in some of the sneakiest places (garlic powder, broth, just to name two).  From now on you can be assured that anything posted on this site will be gluten free.  If I use any flour, I will name which type (almond, potato, etc) and I will honestly have no idea how the recipe would work with regular flour.  Right now I am working on tweaking a recipe for lasagna made with zucchini for noodles.  There are recipes out there already, but i like to make things my own, so my research will continue.  Once I figure out how to make it less juicy and not add sodium (some of the suggestions have been to coat in salt and sweat as you do eggplant), I will publish it on here.

Hope to “see” you soon!