Canticle Farms

3835 South Nine Mile Road, Allegany, NY

This is the CSA I belong to.  It is a ministry supported by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.  Who better to run a CSA but some Franciscan Nuns?


Lake Country Beef

775 Hurlburt Rd., Forestville, NY

Natural beef raised without hormones or antibiotics.  They have a stand at the East Aurora Farmers Market.


First Light Farm & Creamery

East Bethany, NY

They just started having a stand at the East Aurora Farmers Market in 2011.  They have the only goat cheese that I have ever tasted that does not have a “gamey” flavor to it.  I understand some people like that, but when you have been around barns as a kid, all it reminds me of is a barn that needs to be cleaned.  One of the owners explained to me how they do that by separating the males from the females except at breeding time.


East Aurora Farmers Market

Aurora Shopping Plaza, East Aurora, NY

I can’t remember a time when I did not go here.  I even remember its old location!  The market is open on Wednesday and Saturdays from 7-1 from May to November.


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